Movie Theater

If you’re tired of the sun and want something to do indoors, or a way to entertain those crazy kids who seem to have 10 times the energy you did when you were their age, the Beach Movie Theater might be a good option.

You can take your kids to watch a fun family film, and drink beer & wine with your food in a “dinner theater” style environment. It’s like an adult version of a kid’s outing.

Showings generally comprised of 4 different first-run (you know, like the same movies in those big franchise theaters, not old everyones-already-seen-them films) family-friendly¬†movies rated G to PG-13. They might also show an occasional R rated film but I don’t recall seeing any on their listings, which are updated on fandango even though you can’t buy tickets online.

Quick Details:

  • Address: 6425 Estero Boulevard
  • Hours: Showtimes generally at 3,6 and 9 pm
  • Phone: (239) 765-9000
  • Website: