Getting to Fort Myers Beach

Getting to Fort Myers Beach:

Visitors to Fort Myers Beach can get to the general area a few different ways, such as:

Once you get to the general area, getting to Fort Myers Beach is fairly straight-forward.

From the south end:

Drive to Bonita Springs, Florida and head west on Bonita Beach Road. Bonita Beach Road will take you through Bonita Springs, Lovers Key and turn into Estero Blvd which runs the length of Fort Myers Beach. Now you’re on the south end of Estero Island. Just keep coming north until you reach the main town. If you pass a stop light (not to be confused with the emergency fire station light), you’re heading back off the island, as there is only one stoplight on the entire island right before the bridge at the north end.

From the north end:

You’ll want to find your way to San Carlos Blvd in south Fort Myers. Most people will reach this from Summerlin Rd or McGregor Blvd, depending where they are coming from. If you’re driving down south from Tampa or downtown Fort Myers, McGregor Blvd may be a good choice and if you’re coming from the airport you’ll want to use Summerlin instead. Head south on San Carlos Blvd from the intersection of Summerlin, and just follow it as it crosses first a small bridge and then a much taller one. As you cross the taller bridge, you are now entering onto Estero Island and have arrived.