Who doesn’t love the beach?! I’m sure there’s someone out there, but I haven’t met them yet – and don’t care to. As far as beaches go, Fort Myers Beach is one of my favorites with it’s soft, floury white sand, mild gulf waves, wildlife to watch and offshore sand bars you can wade, swim or boat to.

The actual beach located in the Town of Fort Myers Beach stretches the entire length of Estero Island from the north end at Bowditch Point Park to the south end just before the bridge to Lovers Key, which is approximately 7 miles.

The most popular areas of the beach are typically right in front of the Lani Kai hotel, and just north of the pier at Lynn Hall Memorial Park as both are very convenient to parking areas, shopping, restaurants and bars.

The least crowded (and naturally more quiet) areas tend to be the in-between spots south of mid-island as you head south, and north of Lynn Hall Memorial Park as you head north.


Busiest time of year in Fort Myers Beach is during Spring Break in the month of March, although April and February are also very busy. Visitors who come other times of the year can still expect a great beach experience and a much smaller amount of people.

Rules of the Beach:

  • Jumping or diving from the pier is not allowed
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, other than in restaurant property located on the beach
  • Driving on the beach is not allowed
  • Dogs are allowed on the beach, but must be kept on leash and picked up after

Beach Access:

Public access to the beach is plentiful, with a number of designated public beach access paths and streets, along with a number of city and county parks. All public beach access streets have a sign where the street meets Estero Blvd, the only through street on Estero Island. Metered parking is available on many of the beach access roads at $2.00/hour although the ones closer to town don’t have parking.

Parks with Beach Access:

  • Bowditch Point Park
  • Lynn Hall Park
  • Another park on the corner of Estero Blvd and Strandview Ave, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

Beach Access Numbers & Street Names:

The following is a list of the beach access number and the corresponding street name. Each of these streets intersect Estero Blvd. All of the listed beach access locations have coin operated, metered parking for $2.00/hour with no time limit. Palm Ave & Connecticut also have “pay and display” parking meters where you can pay with a credit card.

For a map of beach access locations with parking and other privately owned parking locations, visit our parking page.

  • Beach Access #11 – Flamingo
  • Beach Access #12 – Gulf
  • Beach Access #13 – Lanark
  • Beach Access #14 – Aberdeen
  • Beach Access #15 – Sterling
  • Beach Access #16 – Dakota
  • Beach Access #17 – Strandview
  • Beach Access #18 – Gulfview
  • Beach Access #19 – Bayview
  • Beach Access #20 – Coconut
  • Beach Access #21 – Hercules
  • Beach Access #22 – Connecticut
  • Beach Access #23 – Seaview
  • Beach Access #24 – Pompano
  • Beach Access #25 – Gulf Beach
  • Beach Access #26 – Chapel
  • Beach Access #27 – Mango
  • Beach Access #28 – Delmar
  • Beach Access #30 – Palm
  • Beach Access #31 – Miramar
  • Beach Access #32 – Ave. E
  • Beach Access #33 – Alva
  • Beach Access #34 – Ave. C
  • Beach Access #35 – Ave. A
  • Beach Access #36 – Canal