If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Fort Myers Beach, Parasailing will offer a fun and different way to see the beach, from a bird’s eye view over the Gulf of Mexico.

When comparing the parasail operators listed on this page, be sure to consider safety and experience, not just price. Consider asking whether they have USCG Licensed Captains, how long they have been in business, and verify their insurance coverage.

Also remember that not each trip is exactly the same, so ask about the actual time you will be in the air, how high you will be lifted and other information about what makes them stand out from their competition.

Parasailing at Fort Myers Beach is offered by the following operators. There may be others also, and a reservation is not generally required more than a day in advance. You can just walk down the beach looking for a parasail sign or a phone number on the side of a boat.

Paradise Parasail – Sails from in front of the Pierview Hotel and Suites, which is not so surprisingly located a short walk south and within view of the pier. Their website quotes prices of $37 to $75 per person, depending on the season.

Holiday Water Sports – I have seen them sail from in front of DiamondHead Beach Resort, but their website also indicates that they offer activities from Pink Sheell and Best Western also. Flight times range from 8-13 minutes up to 1200 feet and they can accommodate up to 3 people on a single parasail at the same time. Prices are $65 or $75 per person depending on the package you pick.

Ranalli – Also sails from in front of DiamondHead Beach Resort. They offer free parking (claimed to be a $10 value) if you reserve in advance, but do not list any details about flight time, capacity, or pricing.