Beach Theater

Beach Theater is a great spot to go grab dinner and a movie. They have a number of different menu items that are seved in the theater during the movie, along with the regular popcorn, soft drinks and pretzels. They also offer beer and wine.

If you’re tired of the sun and want something to do indoors, or a way to entertain those crazy kids who seem to have 10 times the energy you did when you were their age, the Beach Movie Theater might be a good option.

You can take your kids to watch a fun family film, and drink beer & wine and eat your food in a “dinner theater” style environment. It’s like an adult version of a kid’s outing.

Showings generally comprised of 4 different first-run (you know, like the same movies in those big franchise theaters, not old everyones-already-seen-them films) and there are usually at least a couple of family-friendly movies rated G to PG-13.

Showtimes are generally at 3, 6 and 9 pm.

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  1. Gene Reply

    I really like Beach Theater. It’s a laid back movie experience, tickets are usually $10 per person and having the ability to have a decent meal along with beer or wine really makes the movie experience at a theater so much better. Some people have mentioned that the tables and decor are a little old, but that doesn’t matter to me so much, and to those people I say have another beer!

    My favorite dishes so far are their create-your-own pizza and the steak quesadilla.

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