Snook Bight Marina

Snook Bight is a full service marina located about in the middle of Estero Island behind Publix, next to Bayfront Bistro. They offer boat sales, rentals, service and storage, and also have a fuel dock available to the public with exclusively non-ethanol fuel.

Boat Rental fleet consists of 17-25 foot pontoons, 17-21 foot center consoles, 21 & 23 foot dual consoles. Prices start at $185 per day. This is the only marina I have personally rented from. The experience was great and they offer fuel service at the dock (prices was as reasonable as it gets on the water) and allowed us to store the boat at our property overnight to maximize our boating time. I would rent from them again.

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  1. Gene Reply

    I rented a pontoon from Snook Bright in June of 2011 when we had some friends come visit us. The boat was in decent condition, not great but also not terrible. Probably about an 7/10. Most of the other rental boats I’ve seen on the water are in the 5-6/10 category, with a couple exceptions.

    They were very flexible with us, let me pick it up one day in the afternoon around3 or 4 right before they closed, keep it at our house dock, and return it at the end of the next day so we got a good full day use out of it.

    Their staff was very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend renting from them.

  2. Mark Hilliard Reply

    I rented 4 boats in the last year from Snook Bright Marina and the most recent 01/ 2013. The lady that is behind the counter and answers the phone a lot is very nice and accommodating. This last time, the 171/2 pontoon rented was less than desireable. Mold spots were on the cushion seats, moss growing off the pontoons and the ladder as well as a worn interior. If it were not for the guests that I had ready to go for a fun time, I would have rejected the boat. That particular boat needs to be retired !!! Additionally, the young lady giving us the boat orientation was snip and kurt….maybe an owners daughter…who knows?

    I like the place and will try it again but I will tell them that I want a nice boat or no deal.

  3. out2C Reply

    pulled into this beautiful marina and was shown a nice set of amenities. Pool, shower area, laundry, ship store and was told free sat TV and internet.
    Dock staff amazingly helpful and friendly. always on hand to help with the lines.
    Beautiful building with a great fountain and outdoor seating area and setting on the back bay
    abundance of marine life (manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, rays ect.)
    new docks and hook up, looks great and very convenient.
    Dock side bar open on weekends.
    Great community of boaters.

    Internet is nearly dial-up speed and kicks you off frequently. very poor!!!!
    ship store is sparse. They seem more interested in selling you a paddle board than helping you stay supplied for boating or fishing (which is why you come here)
    Laundry is expensive.
    Store staff could take a lesson from the men on the dock on customer service and friendliness.

    Double your internet speed.
    create more of a members atmosphere for your slip paying customers. (I understand that they don’t want to supply fishing licenses to the general public “because it takes to long” but for paying slip customers call it a members perk).
    Stop outsourcing your laundry and lower the price since it is for members only anyway.
    Have member socials once a month or so to help foster community. (they’ll come back year after year to be with the friends they’ve made)
    Stock your store for your slip, rental and charter customers. Check out the ship store competition in the area because they’re all doing it better.
    Get or turn on the heater in the pool.

    Overall a great marina with some surprisingly missed opportunities to be the only real yacht club style marina in the area.

  4. reginald Reply

    Stay away, customers are an inconvenience.
    At least thats the way your treated. booked a pontoon boat for a full day while on holiday. when I got there the the pontoon boat was filthy, ripped wet carpet, tears in the canvas top, algae all over the pontoons and worst of all the seats were covered in spots of mildew. When I went in to complain to the lady at the counter some guy dressed like one of the deck hands who was parked at the counter told me that was normal and they were fully booked so in short take it or leave it. Eight people and all our gear and several children kind of put me in a bind and he kind of hinted that that was the point. I don’t know what happened to customer appreciation and service and pride in your work and product but it is long dead here . Do you and your family a favour and avoid this place. I was stuck (luckily we had lots of towels to put down). I wish I’d caught the guys name but I was too angry (and embarrassed to face the people I’d invited out) to think at the time.

  5. Nichole V Reply

    Terrible customer service. Dangerous equipment. Use customers to pay for their lack of proper upkeep and maintenance of the equipment. My group rented paddle boards and kayaks in hopes to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the water. A member of my group became stranded during our trip due to faulty equipment and had to be brought back in by a passing charter boat. Upon arrival we were informed that we had to pay for the equipment. I tried to discuss the problem with the staff but they would not listen. They did not even care that their faulty equipment led to someone being put into a dangerous situation. I practically had to force them to give me the number of the manager for me to talk to. I tried contacting him several times but was completely ignored. I am a local and would not recommend to anyone. Save yourself the headache

  6. Tiffani Lennon Reply

    Awful experience-rude staff and boats in horrible condition. They rented us a dilapidated boat with torn Bimini, dents, screws sticking out, and mold throughout. Save your money and go elsewhere.

    There is also a propeller scam-be sure to check propeller before you leave the dock.

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