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Nervous Nellie's on UrbanspoonSomething for Everyone, Every Time: Nervous Nellies at 1131 1st St (on the bay side of the island, all the way on the bay just under the north end bridge) is one of my favorite casual dinner spots because they have something for any flavor you’re looking for, quite literally. Just look at their menu (pdf) to get an idea – it might be a good idea to study up before you go so you can place your order quickly once you’re seated. I really like their Mahi Mahi fish tacos; they’re juicy, flavorful and very fresh tasting. I also find myself ordering their crispy fish sandwich quite often although I do feel it’s lacking a bit in flavor by itself but when I load it up with hot sauce, cole slaw and tartar sauce on the sandwich I’m in heaven. Their crispy orange cake dessert is something to try when you want something different and tasty. They also have a nice outside seating area, a large upstairs bar and live music on a regular basis. Boat owners can tie up at the dock also.

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  1. Gene Reply

    They have something for everyone – the menu has seriously like 200+ items. I’ve not had anything bad here either, which with that menu size is astonishing.

    They have live music quite often (not sure if it’s every night, but seems to be every night I’ve been there)

    It’s one of my favorite places on the beach.

  2. Alex Reply

    The food is “good,” but I wouldn’t say I’d love to go back. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place, the atmosphere is entertaining, and the meals are decently portioned, but it’s just not my favorite place. I’d like to try it a few more times to decide for sure, though.

  3. Harry Mandell Reply

    The crunchy grouper is advertised as fresh grouper. Three out of a party of five ordered this. We all tasted it , and did not think it was grouper.It was about the worst crunchy whatever that I have ever had.

  4. Marie Moskel Reply

    Just had dinner. Food was the best…service was the worst!!! We waited to be seated. Really wanted outside but the weather was brought to our attention. It did rain but we were not offered a table under the roof. We did see other guests seated under the roof after we were seated inside in the very cold air conditioning. Our server was the bartenber. She took our order. Someone else delivered our food. I had to go to the bar & ask for ketchup & mustard. She, the bartender/waitress, finally came back to our table. She brought our to go box & our check & then she left. She NEVER asked us if we wanted dessert. DESSERT was the main reason I went there to eat dinner tonight. I wanted to talk to the manager but there was no one around for me to ask. I waited 5 minutes, then left. It was a very disappointing evening. I can’t say enough about the delicious food. I can’t say anything about the service.

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