Chuck’s Last Stop

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  1. Jane and Pat Reply

    Chuck’s was fantastic. My husband had the fish tacos and I had the filet. We have had food at 5 star restaurants that did not compare to the quality and taste. Definitely worth a visit, in fact we wish we had found this at the beginning of our trip instead of the end. Best restaurant on the beach by far!

    • Melissa Goodall Reply

      The prices are great, the food is fantastic! You need to try this place! I’ve been coming to Ft. Myers Beach for years, and after leaving Junkanoo’s, once again disappointed in the service, and overpriced food that doesn’t differentiate itself in any way, we wandered down and found Chucks. The Gumbo is fantastic, and the menu is incredible. Chuck was there and it was obvious that he’s a passionate foodie who personally cares about his customers. The live music was great, and the waitress knew our names within just a few moments, and remembered us the rest of the evening, and upon our return a couple days later!

  2. Dan Reply

    Chuck’s Last Stop is no longer under construction and is most definitely open. The food is incredible, the only way to understand is to go in yourself and try it!

  3. Todd Reply

    Chuck’s Last Stop is awesome! Great, unique food to choose from. Very good service by friendly people. Chuck is working his tail off to make a great restaurant available on Ft. Myers Beach, and his hard work is paying off !!
    My wife & I just got back from a 2 week vacation on the beach. We were a regular at Chuck’s. We just couldn’t stop from going in for the wonderful food and great service. Try it & you’ll be a regular too……………….

  4. Gene Reply

    Chucks Last Stop has good food for reasonable prices. Some of their items are hit & miss in my mind and I think if they can work out the kinks they will be one of the top restaurants on the beach.

    I was not a fan of the flat bread at all. It didn’t seem it was house made but may have been house assembled.

    The deserts were fantastic although a bit too small. I’d gladly pay a little more for larger portions.

    The scallops were incredible – cooked perfectly with a great light sauce that complimented them and didn’t over power the dish.

  5. Peter Reply

    Service decent, menu could use a lot of work, I settled with a steak ordered medium well and it came out rear, I requested they cooked it a little more, and because of the open kitchen window I overheard someone in the kitchen upset about the request. I got the very salty, poor quality steak back about 15 minutes later and ate about half of it, something just didn’t seem right. An hour after I got home I was sick as a dog for about 24 hours.

    I’m a local, and wanted to support a newer business, but this is one I wish I hadn’t. It is funny how the other reviews on here are all about the same date.

  6. Kim Reply

    What struck me first when I walked in is how friendly the staff was. I really enjoyed the food — I ate a wonderful grilled cheese the first day, and the five-pepper chicken pasta the next visit. We stayed in town for four days and tried other restaurants but none really compared with my experience at Chuck’s. I highly recommend you give it a try.

  7. Jim & Myra Stewart Reply

    We went there in the pouring rain on a Sun eve. We were at a table and a few at the bar. We started with the tornado ? app and it was good, a little different. Then we ordered a gumbo for us to split, Chuck brought us two bowls with the gumbo split, good flavor, great seasoning. Next the entree, I ordered the oyster po boy, they were out of oysters, would I like a shrimp instead, hey I’m easy, my wife ordered the fish tacos. The tacos had a great flavor with the salsa/chutney they served it with. My sandwich was kind of what I expected, nothing extreme, but good. Except Chuck said the shrimp looked kind of small, and had the cook add anorther order of shrimp to the meal. When I asked for an Arnold Palmer(iced tea and lemonade) and he said they were out of lemonade, and then five minutes later I had and Arnold, Chuck had someone go up the street to get lemonade . That was the evening, great service, good food, I’d bring friends there anytime.

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