Reese’s Restaurant

Reese’s Restaurant is what I’d call a country diner style place located in the Key Estero Shops building which is on the corner of Carolina Ave & Estero Blvd about 5 blocks south of the bridge.

Reese’s has a covered outdoor seating area where you can sit next to the water pond enjoying your breakfast and watch the turtle and birds in the pond, or you can sit indoors where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a diner in the countryside from all the cow-print and knick-knacks inside. Most places that have so many things also have a layer of dust on them, but my experience with Reese’s has been that they are clean and taken care of.

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  1. Gene Reply

    I would rate Reese’s as average in just about every category. The atmosphere was different and kind of cozy farm feeling. The service was also average both in speed and vibe of the server and the food was what you might expect from an older style diner – not great, but not terrible either. I will go back, but I also didn’t find it spectacular.

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