Yo! Taco

Yo Taco! at 1375 Estero Blvd (right across the street from Lani Kai Resort) is the beach version of Taco Bell. It’s great for a couple quick, cheap tacos (the burritors are a bit small so I don’t order those) on the go, a spot to hit after partying it up till late night, or a place to people watch. It’s normally staffed with young free spirits who have reggae or some other island groove music playing not too loud from their iPod or someone sitting outside playing their guitar. Don’t expect air conditioning or a spacious dining room, but if you want a place to grab a quick bite that’s centrally located this is a good one.

4 comments on “Yo! Taco”

  1. Gene Reply

    It beats a drive to taco bell, and has island/bohemian charm but the food is average. I would go on the $1 taco days, but otherwise I was not super impressed. The beef tacos were very greasy.

  2. mike Reply

    taco bell is better, and taco bell costs about half as much, go to taco bell. this place would be out of business if it were not for the location its in.

  3. Veronica Reply

    Way overpriced for what it was and at the end of the purchase the guy asked us for a $3+ tip (for taco stand take away) and when we said no he left out our hard shell tacos from the bag. Never going again.

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