Truly Scrumptious Ice Cream & Coffee

Truly Scrumptious Ice Cream Cafe is located in Santini Marina Plaza at the corner on the south end of the building, just across from Fish Tale Boat Sales. They offer breakfast starting at 8am, sandwiches, burgers, ice cream and baked goods. They are also opened for lunch and dinner.

While the exterior of Truly Scrumptious doesn’t stand out from all the other businesses in the Santini Marina Plaza shopping center, the interior makes you feel like you’ve actually stepped into an ice cream parlor meets old fashioned diner.

2 comments on “Truly Scrumptious Ice Cream & Coffee”

  1. keith haddix Reply

    Truly Scrumptious Ice Cream did not meet any of my expectations for an ice cream parlor. After ordering a double scoop of butter-pecan toppped with triple chocolate.
    The first scoop was very meager, the second scoop of chocolate was mis-scooped and only half made it to the top of my cone. When I remarked….” I’ve had larger scoops of chocolate…the worker wryly smiled at me and handed me my $5.00 ice cream debacle. Avoid if you like ice cream.

    • Polly Reply

      I really love the ice cream at truly scrumptious! I had the butterscotch bomb and my husband had the snickerlicious. We both had cones. I couldn’t even finish mine it was so big. Lots of flavors and they let us try so many kinds before ordering! Patient servers. I prefer this ice cream over any of the other places, its definitely worth it to go here.

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