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Zushi Zushi on UrbanspoonThe outside of the building looks a little crazy right now since there was sidewalk work done, and their windows have a lot of signage on them, but once you walk in you’ll be feeling like you’re in a modern lounge, with (you guessed it) modern style furnishings and concrete counter top bar.

I have tried the Red Curry, Panang Curry and Tuna Tataki, and a few of their menu-drinks including their Hurricane, Lychee Saketini & Wasabi Saketini. They also have Guinness and Stella on tap, which are 2 of my favorite beers. My opinions on the dishes are below:

Food Reviews

  • Panang Curry – Super tasty! Made with green beans, bell peppers, basil leaves, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk with Panang curry paste. You get a choice of veggies, shrimp or chicken and I went with chicken which was tender and most, not at all chewy. They serve the curries with a generous amount of sauce and a big cup of white rice on the side. It was not too spicy, and had a great flavor overall. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy. It has instantly become one of my beach restaurant favorites.
  • Red Curry – I wish I could say the same thing about the red curry as the Panang. Everything was cooked perfectly, it was just that the red curry was a bit sweet which I wasn’t very keen about. I would have expected a bit more bite and less creamy taste to the sauce. I probably won’t order this again, since I don’t like the sweetness. Ingredients wise, it is made with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, peas, basil leaves and coconut milk in red curry paste.
  • Tuna Tataki – Fantastic! Perfectly seared tuna slices served with ponzu sauce, scallion and sesame seeds. The tuna tasted incredibly fresh, not even a hint of fishy taste or smell and the ponzu sauce was a perfect accompaniment with a little bit of citrus acidity and some mild sweetness.

Drink Reviews

  • Lychee Saketini – I have had lychee drinks before and this one didn’t disappoint. Lychee flavor is something that most people either like or dislike though. If you’ve never tried it and want to try something new, give it a go. The saketini was super smooth and had just the right balance of sake and sweet lychee flavor. With a very refreshing, light taste one could drink these all day & night long.
  • Wasabi Saketini – Packs a punch! You had better like wasabi to try this. It’s made with real wasabi paste and delivers on all the characteristics of wasabi. It’s not so in your face where you feel like you’re being assaulted, but it does deliver plenty of punched-in-the-nose wasabi feeling. If you like wasabi and Jalapeno martinis, this could be for you. If you don’t like wasabi, horseradish or spicy drinks, stay away. For those of us who do like wasabi and spicy drinks, this was great!
  • Hurricane – Their hurricane is made a little different from the traditional recipe of fruit juice, syrup/grenadine and rum as it also includes vodka. I really liked it, since the vodka helps to cut some of the sweetness of the drink. As with the lychee saketini, the balance of alcohol and flavor was about perfect and this hurricane was a very smooth drink. I could seriously get in trouble drinking these.

The servers and bar staff are friendly, which isn’t always the case here on the beach, and are on the ball. I have visited a couple times to make sure I get a consistent experience and each time it was is great.

Zushi Zushi is an expansion to an additional location from the owners of the Home Thai Sushi Bar located in Bonita Springs, which I have never visited. It just didn’t strike me all that great on the outside. Now, after having been to Zushi Zushi, I will definitely go try their other location in the future.

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