Skye’s Restaurant

Skye’s is located in the Santini shopping plaza in the south end of Estero island. It doesn’t stand out too much and is easily missed if just driving by, so you’d have to know it was there or walk around shopping to find it.

By breakfast, Skye’s is more of an American traditional breakfast cafe, with only 1 Mexican item on their menu. At lunch, this gets expanded a bit to include tacos, tostadas and quesadillas, in additino to the standard cafe sandwiches they server. Then at dinner, Skye’s turns into a full on Mexican restaurant. The theme switch is kind of different to get used to, but somehow it works.

The restaurant is modern, clean and brightly decorated and they have a decent amount of seating including about 12 tables outdoors (that’s a guess, I didn’t actually count)

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  1. Gene Reply

    Skye’s Mexican food was pretty good, but their Margarita’s were the highlight of the evening. The food isn’t what I’d call authentic Mexican, it’s more of a modern foodie variant but a little bit bland for my taste. I was hoping for more of a kick.

    This place isn’t without their quirks:

    First, it’s only a Mexican restaurant in the evening and a cafe during the day.

    Their salsa served with the chips was a little too sweet for me, as was the salsa served with the entrees – which was heated by the way. That took a little to get used to, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense instead of putting cold salsa on hot food.

    The hard shell taco was oddly shaped with made for awkward eating, but the taste was good.

    Overall though, it was a nice restaurant with friendly staff and I will go back to try other dishes and perhaps for breakfast.

  2. BJ Reply

    We had breakfast there and it was terrible! The home fries were cold and undercooked, and the toast was so burned I could not eat it. So many other places on the beach with much better food.

  3. J Popp Reply

    The service is poor the food ok. The wait staff pays more attention to the local folks than folks from out of tow. Very disappointinh

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