Top 5 Things To Do Near Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is not only known for delicious eateries but the place will captivate you with the entire things to do in Fort Myer. The beach not only offers attractions related to the typical beach setting but also a variety of fun things that you can explore in historical sites, sporting events, natural beauty and cultural opportunities. Whatever, your interest may be, the attractions will definitely fulfill your taste. Here are the top 5 fun things to do in Fort Myers beach:

1. Sanibel Island Beaches

For collectors, the Sanibel Island beach is the place to be. The tourists and locals here are quite known to do “Sanibel Stoop”. No, it’s not a dance step but it’s a move from where you will only see people bent to the point that only their butts are visible from far far away. And why is that so? Because Sanibel Island is the best place where you can go for shelling.

2. Baseball Spring Training

While Florida is the home to 15 major league baseball spring training, Fort Myers is the only city that is a home for 2. So you have your chance to meet the players more up close while they are all accessible and relaxed. The Red Sox train also known as the Fenway South, holds a space for 11,000 fans. While Hammond Stadium is where you will find the Twins playing. Here you will find a chance to get autographs and pictures with your favorite sluggers at the bullpen picnic pavilion.

3. Florida Repertory Theatre

Locally known as “The Rep” at downtown Fort Myers, the theatre offers a variety of productions promising to entertain you throughout from comedy to dramatic, it is all there. All the shows take place in the Arcade Theatre which was built in 1908. The place itself has a lot of history. Previously, it was known as Vaudeville house and henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone used to watch films in this very building. One of America’s Top Repertory Companies, Florida Repertory Theatre is definitely a place to go at the Fort Myers beach.

4. J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge

A place spread over 6000 acres offering South Florida’s pearl white beaches, the wild wet lands and the mangrove forests, the place has its reputation for huge migratory birds along with 250 species calling J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife their home. Not only birds, but you will find manatees, alligators, snakes, river otters and sea turtles, as well as endangered species refuging here. You can book a canoe trip, hike or bike and know what the place has to offer.

5. Lee County Manatee Park

Enjoy your time looking the manatees for free at lee County Manatee Park. The manatees swim here in the months of November and March as they escape the cool temperatures of Gulf of Mexico. You can rent a canoe or a kayak and go off to the waters exploring on your own.

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