Heavenly Biscuit

Heavenly Biscuit on UrbanspoonBest Cinnamon Roll in the World: Heavenly Biscuit at 110 Mango Street (Bay side. It’s small so doesn’t stand out, but look for the quaint house with a porch and usually a bunch of people outside) seriously has THE best cinnamon roll ever. Unless you don’t like cinnamon rolls. Also consider the fried chicken biscuit or the chicken fried steak biscuit. The way it works at Heavenly Biscuit, you choose what you want on your biscuit from (currently) a list of 13 items and they build it that way and bring it out to you. Fresh squeezed Florida orange juice is also recommended.

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  1. Gene Reply

    Heavenly Biscuit makes an incredible cinnamon roll, it is truly to die for! They also have a number of biscuit breakfast items you can pick from or tell them what you want on it and they’ll make it exactly like that! I personally liked the country fried steak and the fried chicken ones the best.

    Great little breakfast spot, highly recommended.

    • Bill Heaten Reply

      The reason its called Sinful Cinnamon roll is because it is most likely a sin that the recipe was stolen from the person who created it 20 years ago, the sister of the owner in Ga. Stilesboro Biscuits
      I remember him because he use to work for her.
      I sure hope she’s getting a percentage.

  2. bruce Reply

    Don’t waste your time here. With two trays of rolls waiting on counter, I ordered 8 rolls and they told me to call first or I had to wait 25 minutes so they could bake another tray. I’m a resident here and won’t go back. They were quite rude.

  3. john G Reply

    Heavenly biscuit is wonderful. You certainly get your moneys worth and the food is delicious. It maybe small ,but would have to say that it is great. Would definitely recommend it. John

  4. Nancy Reply

    My husband and I are on our way down to Ft. Myers Beach for a week. We will definitely have breakfast at Heavenly Biscuit 2-3 times while here. It’s become a tradition. Food is delicious and staff is very friendly. Don’t miss out!

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